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CPD and Training

Have you ever heard the phrase “you never stop learning”, well here at GeoEnviro Solutions Ltd, we really believe in that! It doesn’t matter how much you know, there’s always opportunity to learn more!

We take training and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) seriously with respect to training our own staff, having regular internal training sessions as well as on-line training and attending externally run courses.  However, we don’t believe in training for training’s sake, all our training must have a purpose, be beneficial to the individual and the company in general.  Equally important is that training must deliver its subject matter in an understandable manner and, ideally, should be engaging while its happening.

With varied backgrounds across Geotechnical, Civils, Mineral Exploration, Environmental Assessment and Control, Site Investigation and many other fields of expertise, we are well placed to impart the most useful portions of our experience.

Not only do our senior staff have an abundance of practical experience in the industry but have been guest lecturers on university courses, IEMA courses and presented at industry conferences, so we have the experience to deliver the training in educational and professional environments.

CPD is the accumulation of training in such a way as to develop an individual’s professional career.  When we refer to a professional career, we generally refer to gaining one’s Chartership in one’s chosen professional body, be that a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Environmentalist, Chartered Geologist, Chartered Surveyor, or any other professional body.  Whilst CPD is important for gaining one’s chartership, it’s just as important in retaining that professional membership, failure to maintain a certain level of CPD means you could lose your professional status.

GeoEnviro Solutions Ltd can offer short training courses and CPD activities, for your company and for individuals. We aim to provide interesting and informative training to maximise the potential of your business and employees, giving you a broader range of knowledge and insight into the industry.

Consultancy and Expert Witness

Although the majority of our work is in the field of site investigation, with our extensive and in-depth knowledge of our operations and services we can also offer consultancy advise on problems you may have related to environmental, geotechnical and civil engineering matters.

A typical example of where professional consultancy is advantageous is in the world of development.  A residential development with gardens, rightly, incurs the most stringent contaminant target concentrations.  Remediating a site containing contamination can be very expensive, landfill tax alone can cost nearly £100 /tonne, leading to expenses quickly mount up and impacting on profitability.

We can look at a development profile and compare it against the contamination profile and recommend alternative solutions.  There might be a reduction in total sales value, but this can be more than offset by the savings in remediation costs.  A simple example of this is swapping houses with gardens to apartments with public open space.  Another would be relocating public open space within a development to where the contamination is.

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